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An endowment is a fund set up by the church to receive gifts and bequest from multiple donors.

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The importance of paying your tithes.

You should tithe simply because it is what God requires of you! It is a loving thankful response to God’s goodness to you and all mankind!

Tithing is the MAIN means by which God intended for His Church to carry out its mission in the world. Your tithes are used by the church to:


Support the missionary work of the Diocese.


Support the missionary work of your church.


Pay the salaries of those who work in the church.


Maintain the physical structures of the church.

When you do not tithe, you adversely affect the ability of the church to carry out these tasks.

“…she, out of her poverty, put in everything – all she had”

Mark 12:44

Our tithes should be paid directly to THE CHURCH. Many people choose to give directly to causes or to those who are in need, instead of tithing to the church, but this does not fall in line with the biblical understanding of tithing, and causes the church no to be able to carry out its work. Money given in this way is called “offering” and should be given after tithing.

We are not expected to tithe while neglecting our financial responsibilities to ourselves and our families. God and the church understands that sometimes our financial circumstances make it difficult for us to tithes the full 10% as we should, and accepts with thanks whatever we are able to give, but the standard remains 10%, to which we should all strive.

Tithing is proportionate. This means that the amount of your tithing is determined by your income. What someone else gives or does not give has no bearing on what you should give. God has blessed us with so much including the ability to work, so we obey His command by tithing 10% of your GROSS income (thus giving him the “first fruits” (Deuteronomy 26:2)) As we all have different incomes, the amount of our tithe will be different, but what is important is that we strive to be obedient to the 10%. 

Why should I TITHE / PLEDGE?, p. 5-6

For more information on tithing, please review our booklet.

Why should I TITHE / PLEDGE