What are the different types of endowments?

An endowment is a financial vehicle that non-profit organizations use to accept and hold donations from charitable contributions. It is intended to be maintained on a long-term basis, in order to support the church’s long-term financial mission. It is a repository for financial gifts, unusual gifts or special purpose gifts. An endowment can also function as a repository for plans and projects that are unexpected, unusual or have a special purpose.

Unrestricted Endowment

Assets that can be spent, saved, invested and distributed at the discretion of the institution receiving the gift.

restricted endowment

These are asses that can only be spent for a specific purpose.

term endowment

These are funds where the donor has indicated that the principal can only be used after a stated period of time or upon the occurrence of a specific event.


These are funds that functions like a regular endowment, but without any legal restriction to hold the funds permanently. Unlike other endowments, a quasi-endowment’s principal can be spent.

Thinking about giving to our Endowment Fund?

Contact our main office at the church, to find out what type of endowment fund we currently have.
If you are ready to give to our endowment fund, simply 
click on the link below, select endowment and enter the desired amount.